The Bedtime Story is a collection of two cutscenes available for viewing, 1) when starting a file, and 2) when completing the Save Everyone ending. It is a dialog between Frisk and Sans, who are settling into a house on the surface at night.

Part 1

This first cutscene is activated by first collecting the Scorpio card, then starting any run. It behaves in a similar way to the opening cinematic, though it asks you whether you want to watch it after entering a name, saying: "(You have the Scorpio Card. Watch a special cutscene?)"

The music that plays during the cutscene is Jeffrey Watkins' 'Star'.


  • Frisk is in bed, looking out a window.
  • Sans: * hey kid. what's keepin' you up?
  • Sans: * i know, it's been a rough day. but hey, we did it, we got through.
  • Sans: * what's that? you want a bedtime story?
  • Sans: * well, if that would help you feel better, i'll read one.
  • Sans: * what will it be; fluffy bunny, papyrus' adventure, 187X...
  • Sans: * none of those? i don't have more options kid, what are you thinking of?
  • View focuses on a star-covered book. Sans: * ...oh...
  • Sans: * i don't remember this book gettin' in here.
  • Sans: * 'Outertale'...
  • Sans: * ok, ok, i'll read it, don't get your jammies in a twist.
  • Sans: * 'Long ago, two races ruled over the stars'...

Part 2

The second cutscene is activated when you complete the Save Everyone ending and you have every Constellation Card. Thus they decide to save Asriel themselves.

The music that plays will be 'His Rescue' by Jack5.


  • * 'At long last, everyone was finally united on Earth, and they lived happily...'
  • Sans sees Frisk is asleep.
  • Sans begins leaving the room. Sans: * ...heh. g'night kid.
  • By this time, Sans has left the room.
  • Frisk, after hearing the story, recognises Arial's tone and knows that the story must be a real event. They get out from under the covers.
  • Frisk hops out through the window.
  • A wide shot of Frisk running back to Mt. Ebbot is shown.
  • Frisk flops forward down into the hole.
  • They land in front of Flowey, who turns his head quickly.
  • Flowey becomes mad as Frisk stands up. Flowey: * G-get away from me! I'll tear you apart!
  • Frisk holds their soul out to Flowey.
  • The screen becomes extremely bright, and a close up of Flowey crying is shown.
  • A single picture of mature Asriel surfacing is displayed.