Metatron is a robot with a SOUL and was built by Alphys. Initially poised as an entertainment robot turned human killing robot; it is later revealed that he only acted as such. Metatron is the sole television star of the Ebbot Quadrant.


Initial Form

Metatron initially appears as a grey, largely rectangular box with a grid of lights and four dials on his front. He has a single leg that ends in a wheel and he has two segmented, robotic arms that end in white gloves.

Metatron EX

After having the switch on his back flipped during his encounter in the TOWER, he transforms into a new form called Metatron EX; a new body he specially requested Alphys to make for him. In this humanoid form, he has black hair with yellow accents that covers his right eye, pale "skin", and pale blue, metallic vents along his left face.

He wears a navy chest piece with a yellow, four-pointed star button on his left torso and a speaker on his right. He also wears a yellow, metallic SOUL container, dark navy pants, and tall navy boots with pale blue and yellow accents. His arms are segmented, pale blue, and metallic, and end in elbow-length navy gloves with yellow accents. He wears a sparkling, navy cape with a night sky pattern.

Metatron NEO

Metatron NEO resembles Metatron EX, but with a more combat-oriented design. His right forearm is replaced by a cannon, his hair is styled upwards to reveal a crosshair in place of his right eye, his legs are detached from his body, and he has wing-like shoulder pads that emit navy light. There is a four-pointed star engraved into his chestpiece, which now features a large collar with yellow accents, and his SOUL is inverted to resemble a monster's SOUL.



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